UCS@school Kelvin REST API Update

Using the UCS@school Kelvin REST API app, you can conveniently create, delete or modify UCS@school user and class objects via a REST interface. Unlike the import function and manual interventions via the web interface, it is less error-prone and can be addressed automatically.

We have now released an updated version for the REST API, which you can find in the Univention App Center and integrate into your UCS environment.

New features of version 1.8.0:

Evaluation of password policies, language settings and attributes for roles

Password policies allow administrators to specify which characters may be used or how long passwords must be to be accepted. Previously, the policies were only evaluated during editing, i.e. via the PUT and PATCH endpoints.

password policy Kelvin REST API

With the new version of the REST API, you can now evaluate password policies even while users are being created. A new configuration option allows you to enable this new feature yourself. By default, the old behavior remains otherwise.

In requests against the API, the language setting in the system can also be passed. If an error message occurs, e.g. that the password policy has not been met, the message will be displayed to the users in the passed system language.

There is another new feature for the attribute ‘UCS@school role’.

From now on, you can use this attribute to store project-specific roles of the users. For example, a user with the role “student” in the project “TestProject” at the school “School1” receives the value “student:TestProject:School1”.

In order to trigger or explicitly prohibit a certain action, the attribute can be evaluated in a specially written hook (German), for example.

This way, different behavior can be realized for different contexts. UCS@school standard roles remain unchangeable and cannot be edited, removed or added.

A complete list of changes, as well as important notes, can be found in the UCS@school Kelvin REST API changelog before updating the app.

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Tobias Wenzel

Tobias Wenzel has been working as an Open Source Software Engineer in the UCS@school team at Univention in Leipzig since January 2020.

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