Stubbornness Does Not Suit us: Univention Breaks the Model of Roles for UCS and UCS@school

UCS@school flexibleres Rollen- und Rechtemodell
At Univention, we have been supporting school authorities and federal states, organizations from the private sector and public administration for many years with our powerful identity management. With its role and authorization concept, it is tailored to the needs of organizations with many users in a wide variety of contexts, whether schools, departments or branch offices.

End of Maintenance of UCS 4.4

End of UCS 4

Users who are still using UCS 4.4 should update to the more recent version UCS 5 in order to continue receiving security updates, bug fixes and minor releases. In any case, the update sequence must be observed. An update to UCS 5.0 requires at least UCS 4.4-8 with UCS 4.4-8 erratum 972. For more information about the current release versions of UCS 5 and the necessary steps for an update, please refer to the release notes.

Owners of our UCS Standard subscription have the option to sign an extended maintenance support contract for the upgrade from UCS 4.4 to 5. Please contact our sales team at

USI: Automated Provision of Information about UCS Systems

Improve your support experience with USI: Using Univention Support Info (USI), you have the option of automatically providing the support team with information about the status of your UCS system. A USI file bundles all important information about a UCS computer and is sent – encrypted if desired – to our support. The following article shows how USI not only gives you direct insight into your system, but also saves you valuable time in communicating with the support team.

Univention Corporate Server 5.0-3

UCS 5.0-3 Point Release
With the point release UCS 5.0-3, the next important step for the further development of the Univention Corporate Server has been taken – towards more usability and performance as well as the deeper integration of services and their central administration. In this blog article, I would like to give you an overview of the most important new features and improvements bundled in the release.

Migration of the Identity Provider in UCS – Keycloak App now Part of the Support Scope

We reached an important milestone in the step-by-step migration to Keycloak as an Identity Provider in UCS: In August 2022, we made Keycloak available as an app in the UCS App Center for integration in UCS in an initial version and have improved it ever since. With the latest release in December, the app is now also part of our official product support, and thus ready for productive use.

In this article, I would like to give you an overview of the possibilities that Keycloak will offer you, the current status of the migration of the Identity Provider from UCS based on Keycloak, as well as an outlook on further features yet to come in the next few months.

VLANs and RADIUS: How to Configure Virtual Networks for Univention Corporate Server (UCS)

Let’s talk about VLANs—in this article I would like to talk about virtual networks and their benefits. I’m also going to describe how configure VLANs in Univention Corporate Server (UCS), how to increase security for your UCS environment with our RADIUS app and dynamically assign devices to specific VLANs via a RADIUS server.