UCS Release 5.0-4

With Univention Corporate Server 5.0-4, the fourth point release for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 5.0 is now available. It includes functional enhancements and improvements, new features, several detail improvements, and bug fixes. Also included in the installation media are all errata that have appeared since version 5.0-3.

New: Announcement Feature in the Portal

With UCS 5.0-4, you can notify your users about upcoming maintenance work or software updates directly in the portal with a special announcement. Also, the messages can get a read confirmation.

Announcement Feature UCS Release 5.0-4

Improvements and Enhancements

Univention Management Console Server and Web Server are now merged into a single program. The implementation uses Tornado instead of the UCS-specific Python Notifier.

The integration of Keycloak has been improved for operating from the Internet, with expiring passwords, and for migrating from existing SimpleSAMLPHP-based connections. We will provide details on upcoming Keycloak developments in a separate blog article.

At Radius, it is now possible to log in with the username and the mailPrimaryAddress, providing more flexibility in the login process.


Samba updated to version 4.18.3. The latest version of Samba includes numerous optimizations that result in improved performance. Using the latest Samba version also ensures upstream maintenance.

The code has been fully migrated to Python 3 and prepared for the update to Python 3.11 with UCS 5.2. Also, most apps in the App Center were adapted to Python 3. That is also the prerequisite of UCS 5.2 because only Python 3 is supported there. The complete list of improvements and bug fixes for UCS 5.0-4 is in the release notes.


Finally, I would like to give a brief outlook on our plans for the further development of UCS. Next, we are doing more feature enhancements in Keycloak and the preparation for release 5.2. You can find information about this in our blog post The next UCS release: Leap to UCS 5.0.

Key features in the UCS 5.2 release include Debian release upgrades, a component, and a feature upgrade, plus the introduction of Keycloak as the new default identity provider (IDP).

Of course, if you have any requests or suggestions for improvement, we welcome your feedback as usual – here in the blog or under help.univention.com/.

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