Bremen, October 1, 2019 – Adding apps to corporate IT with a single click instead of complex installations – the advantages of Univention’s App Center have become well known to customers and software providers. The specialist for IT infrastructure and identity management reports prominent growth for its platform: The dropbox alternative Seafile, Kanban board and Trello competitor Wekan as well as the German Zendesk competitor Zammad are now available in the App Center. The software app supply for the operation on a Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is thus growing by three popular business applications.

The three business applications at a glance

  • Seafile Professional Server is a solution for storing, synchronizing and exchanging files. With just a few clicks, these files can be shared with other people, jointly edited and organized – in centralized and decentralized teams. Additionally Seafile offers a file-based wiki to structure and simplify the exchange of information in workgroups. Seafile Professional runs on its own systems and can be used free of charge by up to three users. More information about Seafile Professional Server can be found in the App catalogue.
  • Wekan is a web-based Kanban board solution comparable to Trello. The main difference is that it can be operated in the own infrastructure, while Trello boards are located in the cloud of the provider Atlassian. The concept and principle are the same. The Univention app consists of the official Wekan Docker image. The connection to the UCS Identity Management has already been set up and users can be conveniently activated for Wekan by the administrator in the UCS Management System. More information about Wekan can be found in the App catalogue.

  • Zammad voffers all the functions of a modern helpdesk and support system. What’s special: thanks to its intuitive interface, the solution is easy to use and requires no expensive training. A modern dashboard informs the management in real time about the current situation, provides information about existing tickets, their processing status and the last actions. Using an integrated full text search, even large amounts of data can be searched for required information within seconds. Customers can also view the status of their requests at any time. Zammad is open source software and can be operated on its own systems. More information about Zammad can be found in the App catalogue.

Advantages of the Univention App Center

Developers can make their solutions directly available for testing via the Univention App Center and sell them online. They can reach Univention Corporate Server (UCS) users directly or provide their solution as a pre-configured virtual UCS appliance. The Univention App Center is a central component of the identity management solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and makes the installation of cloud and enterprise applications almost as easy as the installation of smartphone apps. Organizations have numerous business applications at their disposal which they can easily purchase, install and manage via the familiar user interface.

Benefits for software vendors

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is a rapidly growing platform and is currently used by over 12,000 organizations and millions of users worldwide. Software manufacturers also benefit from this: they can use the App Center to place their products visibly with their target audience and significantly simplify their installation and management. Univention thus offers manufacturers new access to a large number of organizations and acts as a multiplier: applications available in the App Center – even the free ones – can be made available for operation in the cloud (e.g. Amazon Web Services or private clouds such as ownCloud or Nextcloud) or on-premise in their own data center or as virtual machines (e.g. VMware, VirtualBox or KVM).

Benefits for customers

Apps provided in the App Center can be easily installed, integrated into the existing IT and conveniently managed via UCS’s central management system. End users have easy access to all solutions via an online portal. Organizations can also try out a variety of different apps and, if they are content, purchase them directly from the App Center. Customers benefit from the central billing of purchased licenses: they only receive one invoice and one central contact person for booked services. Software available in the App Center offers complete freedom of choice: it can be used on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments and can be migrated back from the cloud to your own data center or to another hosting provider at any time. Further information for customers is available on our website.

Easy registration, fast distribution

The listing of applications in the Univention App Center is free of charge and very simple: software manufacturers only have to register and can make their solution available as an app and also integrate it with UCS. System administrators particularly appreciate the integration of many apps into UCS Identity Management.

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