For Enterprises

A large and growing range of ready-to-use business applications is available as Univention Apps. These apps come with their own Linux-based operating system and an easy-to-use management system for users and rights, patch and life cycle management. This management system offers you also an easy way to integrate Univention Apps into your existing IT infrastructure such as an Active Directory domain. Best of all: Univention Apps you use can be connected to one integrated “domain” with a central identity management .APIs and scripting interfaces are also available.
You can run your Univention Apps in your own data center, in the data center of a hosting provider or in the cloud and migrate from one to the other. For you, this means true freedom of choice, vendor independence and control over your IT!

Visual: Univention App Center

Your Benefits of Univention Apps

  • Business applications with their own technical operating platform based on open source software
  • A free choice of the cloud platform and the applications
  • Integration into existing IT infrastructures
  • A range of support options
  • Control over your data
  • User-friendly management interface for your users, resources, and applications
  • Software maintenance straight from the Univention App providers
  • Version changes and updates via a central web-based administration interface

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