Zammad is a web based open source helpdesk and customer support system with many features to manage customer communication via several channels like telephone, Facebook, Twitter, chat and e-mails. It is distributed under version 3 of the GNU AFFERO General Public License (GNU AGPLv3).

This app will unite your communication channels and make your helpdesk experience way better. The use is easy and free!

You're going to love Zammad! Need further information? Please visit

You'll find our documentations here:

Important Note

The Zammad app needs at least 2 cores with 4 GB of RAM! If you run this app with less than 4 GB of free RAM, you may experience unexpected errors and a not working instance! If the 2 cores are not fulfilled, the installation will gracefully abort.

You're installing the community version of Zammad. This community version can be extended with a service contract giving you direct support from Zammad. You can use the Community-Version without limitation without service contract, you'll get regular support via the Zammad Community.

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Further information

Free commercial use. Some functions or services are liable to costs.
Available for UCS versions:
3.3.0-19 (UCS 4.4)