If your organization would like the benefits of easy sharing and collaboration on data online as offered by various cloud vendors but needs to stay in control, ensuring no unauthorized access, Nextcloud is what you are looking for.

Nextcloud offers a unique-in-the-industry fully open source solution for on-premise data handling and communication with an uncompromising focus on security and privacy.


Nextcloud brings together universal access to data with next-generation secure communication and collaboration capabilities under direct control of IT and integrated with existing compliant infrastructure. Nextcloud's open, modular architecture, emphasis on security and advanced federation capabilities enable modern enterprises to leverage their existing assets within and across the borders of their organization.


  • Easy web UI and clients for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Easy collaboration and sharing files internal and external with optionally enforcable password and expiration date
  • Audio/video chat built in, optional collaborative office document editing, Outlook integration and more
  • External storage support like Windows Network Drive, FTP, WebDAV, NFS and more
  • Many passive and active security features like two-factor authentication, brute force protection and CSP 3.0 as well as an audit log
  • Optionally both Server-side and end-to-end, client-side encryption
  • Full admin control over sharing with File Access Control rules like "DOCX can only be downloaded from within local network" or execute actions if certain conditions are met (like a tag is set)

Learn more about Nextcloud features here. and check out our offering for education in particular here. You can download a case study from the TU Berlin there.


Compared to other private cloud solutions, Nextcloud offers stronger security measures, with two-factor authentication, brute force protection, server and client side, end-to-end encryption and many other security protections built in. It is fully open source and the most active file sync and share project being developed.

Learn about migrating from other solutions to Nextcloud here.

Nextcloud typically targets organizations from 50 to tens of millions of users in industries including education, government, legal and financial services and manufacturing. Find a case study of TU Berlin with its 22.000 users here.

For more information, visit nextcloud.com or follow @Nextclouders on Twitter.


Nextcloud is well integrated in UCS, offering easy installation. The automatic configuration includes:

  • Administrator is automatically Nextcloud admin
  • Users are enabled to access Nextcloud by default
  • Users and Groups can be enabled/disabled in User & Group Settings
  • User quota can be configured in User settings
  • All User and Group benefits by Nextcloud LDAP Schema
  • Web server fully configured and behind stock UCS web server acting as proxy and doing all TLS magic
App Provider: Nextcloud
Contact: sales@nextcloud.com
Website: https://nextcloud.com
Support: Available support options
License: Free commercial use
Version: 12.0.4-0
Available for UCS versions: 4.1-4 errata406, 4.2-0, 4.3-0
Vendor supported
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