We are pleased to announce a prominent addition to our App Center. Since the beginning of October the German dropbox alternative Seafile, the practical Kanban board of Trello competitor Wekan and the German Zendesk competitor Zammad are available in the App Center. This adds three popular and practical business applications to our Univention Corporate Server (UCS) offering, which you can add to your company’s IT by a simple click.

The Three Apps at a Glance:

Seafile Professional Server – Safe, Synchronize and Share Data

Share data with your colleagues with just a few clicks and edit them together – whether in centralized or decentralized teams. Seafile also offers a file-based wiki that simplifies and structures the exchange of information within workgroups. Seafile Professional can be operated on your own systems and can be used for free by up to three users.

Seafile in the App Center Catalog


Wekan – Manage Tasks Clearly

Wekan is a web-based Kanban board solution comparable to Trello. The main difference is that you can operate Wekan in your own infrastructure, while the Trello boards are in the cloud of the provider Atlassian. The concept is of course the same. The Univention app consists of the official Wekan Docker image. The connection to the UCS Identity Management is already set up and users can be conveniently activated for Wekan by the administrator in the UCS Management System.

Wekan in the App Center Catalog


Zammad – Modern Helpdesk and Support System

What’s special: thanks to the intuitive user interface, the solution is easy to use and requires no expensive training. A modern dashboard informs you and your team in real time about the current situation, gives information about existing tickets, their processing status and the last actions. An integrated full text search allows you to search even large databases in seconds for the information you need. Customers can also view the status of their requests at any time. Zammad is open source software and can be operated on its own systems.

Zammad in the App Center Catalog

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  1. I have migrated from Trello and it has been a great experience so far! Thanks


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