Leading European Open Source Vendors form Consortium to Drive Digital Innovation

June 11, 2024 - Today, the European Open Source Consortium (EOS Consortium) was unveiled, providing a unique opportunity for large organizations to leverage the benefits of open source for their digital transformation. As the largest European cooperation of open source companies, the consortium is a strategic alliance that promotes sovereignty, independence and sustainability in IT [...]

Nubus – Identity & Access Management for Sovereign Cloud Suites in Kubernetes

Bremen, June 5, 2024 - With an alpha release, Univention today introduces the product Nubus for Kubernetes. Nubus bundles the long-established features for Identity & Access Management, application integration and user portal of Univention products and makes them available for cloud operation with Kubernetes. Nubus thus significantly simplifies the implementation, administration and operation of integrated, [...]

Deutsche Telekom Partners with Bremen-based Open Source Company Univention for “Open Source Collaboration”

Bremen, September 13, 2023 – Deutsche Telekom has now presented “Open Source Collaboration”, its innovative offering for digital collaboration in public administration. A modular package of inter-integrated IT solutions from well-known open source manufacturers offers components for video conferencing, communication, cloud collaboration, office programs, e-mail and calendaring, and document management. To this end, the Deutsche […]

New Vice President Sales & Marketing Roberto Blickhan to Expand Market Leadership in the Education Sector and Extend Growth Strategy to New Markets

Bremen, March 14, 2023 – Univention GmbH has set ambitious growth targets for 2023. That includes expanding the market leadership for digital identity management in the school sector and its expansion throughout the DACH region. Another focus is on providing an open source workplace for public administration as part of projects such as the dPhoenixSuite […]

„Open New Deal“ at the Univention Summit

Bremen, January 19, 2023 – The digital turnaround must bring about safeguarding freedom, shaping ability in the digital world as well as providing vital IT basic infrastructure. At the Univention Summit 2023 on 17 and 18 January, the focus was therefore on pioneering projects and components of an open and reliably available infrastructure, such as […]

Univention Summit: “Shift happens” on the Road to Digital Sovereignty

Bremen, May 20, 2022—Digital sovereignty can and must become a reality in order to secure the innovation and economic growth of Germany and the rest of Europe—all participants at this year’s Univention Summit agreed on this. In his keynote speech, founder and CEO Peter Ganten claimed that we need to learn a lesson from the […]

20 Years of Univention: strong Growth and enhanced Management

Bremen, March 15, 2022—Univention, leading provider of open source identity management and application integration solutions, has closed fiscal year 2021 with high double-digit revenue growth. “Our growth especially in the Education and Government business areas with more than 1.5 million users relying on our solutions, clearly shows: our offer is attractive to all organizations who […]

Peter Ganten in Kommune21: Public authorities need alternatives!

The ministries are considering implementing a federal cloud. So-called hyperscalers such as Microsoft and Google come into question for this. But this involves dangers, which Peter Ganten discusses in an article in Kommune21: The operation of the cloud software of the hyperscalers by European companies should solve this problem. However, the manufacturers can install or […]

IT security on business trips: 6 points IT departments should pay attention to

Home office and mobile working on the move have long been part of our everyday lives and present IT departments with major challenges in terms of data security and convenient working for all employees. Kevin Dominik Korte, President of Univention North America, describes the different security requirements of both scenarios and why remote work should […]

TechRepublic shows comfortable installation of UCS

UCS offers a wide range of opportunities for companies and organizations. Jack Wallen is also convinced of this: It can be a domain controller, a chat server, an in-house cloud-based groupware solution, a kanban platform, your Nextcloud Hub installation, a mail server, and with a robust App Center, you can extend this server to be […]