ONLYOFFICE is a collaborative office suite for working with text documents, spreadsheets and presentations in UCS. It is combined with Nextcloud, ownCloud, or Seafile and installed from Univention App Center casually (Docker-based) or as a pre-configured virtual appliance. You can also integrate it in UCS LDAP to manage all users.
In this article I’d like to tell you about the latest major update that brings a new name for ONLYOFFICE online editors as well as long-awaited features for spreadsheets.

New name: ONLYOFFICE Docs

From now on, the suite is called ONLYOFFICE Docs and has three editions. Two of them are presented in the Univention App Center:

1. ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition – an absolutely free version intended for up to 20 simultaneous connections* and recommended for teams of up to 20 users.
2. ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition (previously ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition) – a commercial build of the editors designed for enterprise-scale teams that seek online editing with no connection limits, aspire to make use of the advanced features and need professional technical support. Read more about how ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition can benefit your business in this article.

*A number of browser tabs with documents which can be opened for editing at the same time. Note that one document opened by two users means two simultaneous connections as it is opened in two tabs. When you reach the limit, each following document opens in read-only mode.

Along with the new branding, ONLYOFFICE Docs were upgraded to the version 6.0 which brought multiple new features for spreadsheets and productivity enhancements in all the editors. Let’s take a deeper look at the most significant updates.

Pivot tables

First of all, we added pivot tables that help you analyze data and find patterns summarizing and reorganizing it. After you create a pivot table, you can add and move data, add filters, and more. We are also planning to add pivot charts in future releases.

View of a pivot table built with ONLYOFFICE

Creating pivot tables with ONLYOFFICE

This functionality can be found in the eponymous tab in ONLYOFFICE spreadsheets.

Conditional formatting for viewing

In version 6.0 of ONLYOFFICE Docs, we added support for all the conditions and gradients. You are able to visually explore data, detect issues, and identify trends.

Screenshot of a spreadsheet created with ONYOFFICE

Conditional formatting in ONLYOFFICE spreadsheets

Applying conditional formatting will be added in the next versions of ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Slicers for formatted tables

Starting from version 6.0, you can apply slicers to formatted tables. This functionality brings quick filtering and helps you indicate the filtering state to understand what data is currently displayed.

Screenshot showing the application of data slices in formatted tables in ONLYOFFICE

Data slices for formatted tables in ONLOFFICE

Slicers can be found in the Insert tab.

Removing duplicates

We also implemented the Remove duplicates functionality that lets you avoid inaccurate calculations in case there are duplicate values and rows.

Screenshot showing the removal of duplicates in cells (ONLYOFFICE)

Removing duplicates from cells in ONLYOFFICE

To delete unnecessary values in your ONLYOFFICE spreadsheet

  • open the Data tab
  • select the range of cells that has duplicates you want to remove
  • click Remove duplicates.

Other useful improvements in spreadsheets

ONLYOFFICE spreadsheet editor also got a bunch of productivity improvements in version 6.0, including new shortcuts for inserting and deleting cells, rows, and columns, entering date and time as well as functions. You can also move sheets from one workbook to another, create links to share specific named ranges, and paste data performing calculating operations.

Productivity enhancements in all editors

ONLYOFFICE document editor got several enhancements:

  • inserting date and time
  • correct quotes for different languages
  • supporting endnotes for viewing.
Adding time and date in ONLYOFFICE

Dates and times can now easily be added to documents in ONLYOFFICE

Besides, there are improvements in all three editors. You can now insert special characters such as em dash, en dash, quotes, etc., run macros automatically, change size and position for chart elements, and use AutoFit option to format content within shapes comfortably.

If you have any questions about ONLYOFFICE functionality, feel free to comment below, visit our Help Center or contact ONLYOFFICE team directly at

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