In our 7-minute film tutorial we will show you how to set up your own e-mail server with UCS. You will first learn why you should install the UCS Mail Server component from the Univention App Center on a UCS slave and how to proceed with the installation. When configuring the server, we will show you how to ensure that users can receive and send e-mails. At this point we will briefly go into the subject of e-mail quota.
After having learned how to create e-mail addresses for your users and which advanced settings you can make, we will show you how to set up an e-mail client. We will do so using Mozilla Thunderbird as an example. As you can only receive client-based mails with this, we will also introduce you to the Webmailer Horde as a solution which can be installed in UCS from the Univention App Center. Horde is a web client with which you and your users can receive and retrieve e-mails browser-based. In our Univention App Center you will find further collaboration or groupware solutions to add functions to your mail server.
Last but not least, we will briefly explain the theoretical basics for the accessibility of your mail server from the WWW. This includes the topics “public IP” and “MX record for the mail domain”.
Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding the video, please let us know by using the comment field or our user forum.

How to Provide Central Mail Services in UCS – the film:

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Dirk Ahrnke

Dirk busies himself with Univention Corporate Server since about 2005; hes has worked even longer with Linux and other operating systems. As a consultant and coach, he tries to put his knowledge to good use in multiple projects and trainings.

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