If a UCS user has forgotten his password or simply wants to change his profile picture, for example, he no longer needs to ask an administrator. Since UCS 4.1, he can easily do this himself. Requirement: the UCS Self Service app is already installed. Our film tutorial will show you how to set up and use the app.

The first part is interesting especially for IT admins. There they can see where they can find and install the app – spoiler alert: it is the Univention App Center ???? . Since the app is ready to use without major configurations, we quickly move on to the second part of the film. This is especially important for UCS users. Here you can see the different Self Services. Starting with how they change their password, what they do if they have forgotten their password and where and why they should leave an external mail address in this context. You can see the process step by step using an example.
Furthermore, we show how UCS users can change their profile data, such as their own profile picture or configure their email address.
Finally, there is a short section for IT admins. In this section, they learn more about the UCR variables that are relevant for the Self Service app and get a brief explanation.

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More Information

I hope that our film is helpful. If you want to learn more about Self Service, I have linked further interesting articles and the app in the App Catalog for you:

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  1. Dr. Eric Flores

    September 20, 2020 at 17:59

    Self Services is great addition to UCS Univention.


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