Manage Passwords Yourself with UCS Self Service

With the UCS Self Service app from the Univention App Center, IT administrators can authorize UCS users to change their own passwords, reset forgotten passwords and edit their own contact information. For example, users can upload an avatar image or enter their address. The administrator uses the Univention Management Console to determine which information a user can customize via the Self Service App.

Reduced Effort for the IT Helpdesk

The Self Service App makes the work of an organization’s helpdesk much easier by significantly reducing the time and effort involved in password queries. It allows UCS users to change or reset their passwords without administrator assistance. The only thing the user has to do is to enter an e-mail address or mobile phone number in his contact information. A token is then sent to the user which lets him or her execute the password process.
In addition, the Self Service speeds up the creation of new user accounts. New users can be invited and are sent an activation link. With this they can complete their account on their own in the Self Service web interface by giving a password and contact data. The information is then available both in the organization’s address book and in most apps installed in the environment of the App Center. I does not need to be maintained twice.

Screenshot: New password self service app UCS
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