In the review of the July edition of iX, Michael Plura goes into detail on the technical and visual innovations of the UCS 5.0 release published on May 25, 2021.

This includes the completely redesigned web interface, which features a new dark look and can be adapted to the corporate branding using its own CSS stylesheets.

However, he pays special attention to updating the technical basis of UCS with Debian Buster, the migration to Python 3 and the use of Samba 4.13.7. and highlights the competitive advantages over enterprise competitors:

While Debian is to be seen as rather conservative, the developers at Samba basically use the latest “cutting-edge” versions – sometimes even a release candidate that is considered ready for production after tests. The domain controller provided by UCS 5 works as close to the original from Microsoft as possible and provides the largest range of functions for Windows clients in the network compared to older versions. In this way Univention is one step ahead of the enterprise competition […].

You can obtain the complete article, which appeared in german,  by purchasing the print edition of the magazine iX (7/2021).

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