Peter Ganten in Kommune21: Public authorities need alternatives!

The ministries are considering implementing a federal cloud. So-called hyperscalers such as Microsoft and Google come into question for this. But this involves dangers, which Peter Ganten discusses in an article in Kommune21: The operation of the cloud software of the hyperscalers by European companies should solve this problem. However, the manufacturers can install or […]

IT security on business trips: 6 points IT departments should pay attention to

Home office and mobile working on the move have long been part of our everyday lives and present IT departments with major challenges in terms of data security and convenient working for all employees. Kevin Dominik Korte, President of Univention North America, describes the different security requirements of both scenarios and why remote work should […]

TechRepublic shows comfortable installation of UCS

UCS offers a wide range of opportunities for companies and organizations. Jack Wallen is also convinced of this: It can be a domain controller, a chat server, an in-house cloud-based groupware solution, a kanban platform, your Nextcloud Hub installation, a mail server, and with a robust App Center, you can extend this server to be […]

Collabora Online and UCS as alternative for proprietary office suite services

Collaborative work regardless of time and place has long been part of everyday life for many employees. Not least because of this, large cloud-based office applications such as Microsoft 365 or Google Docs are very popular. The major disadvantage of using these services, however, is the loss of control over the your own data.

Healthcare IT Infrastructure: Requirements and key elements

In the healthcare sector, highly sensitive data is handled every day and must be protected against unauthorized access. A modern IT infrastructure with relevant key elements increases trust and security for patients. Kevin Dominik Korte, President of Univention North America, reports on the requirements of such an IT infrastructure on the renowned US magazine Forbes. [...]

iX about UCS 5.0 release: Univention one step ahead of the enterprise competition

In the review of the July edition of iX, Michael Plura goes into detail on the technical and visual innovations of the UCS 5.0 release published on May 25, 2021.

Crowded Space Economy: Secure IT infrastructure with central identity management

Kevin Dominik Korte, President of Univention North America, has published an article on Via Satellite in which he reports on the challenges faced by many space companies in adapting their IT systems to rapidly growing corporate structures.

Cloud Computing: Who controls your company data?

Have you ever thought about what happens to your data when hosted by big cloud providers? Especially companys often have to weigh up between convenience and security of sensitive employee- and customer data. Kevin Dominik Korte, President of Univention North America, talks about these challenges in an article published in Forbes Magazine.

Staying Out Of Terrestrial Trouble: Improving Data Security for Satellite Companies

Kevin Dominik Korte, President of Univention North America, has written an article for SatMagazine. In said article, he talks about the general importance for satellite companies to keep their data safe and secure at all cost – and the challenges that come along with that necessity. 

Robust, extendable, scalable and user friendly: looks into UCS

Jack Wallen, editor of techrepublic, has taken the time to look into Univention Corporate Server and its usability for small businesses. Without going into too much detail, he provides the reader with a great overview of the UCS functions and its general setup process.