Release of UCS 4.1 with Docker, Single Sign-On Mechanism and Two-Factor Authentication

The release 4.1 of Univention Corporate Server brings some new important features for even more secure and convenient use. For example, the Univention App Center now also supports apps which use the container technology Docker. Also new is the integrated global single sign-on mechanism which can be rendered even more secure via the use of […]

New in UCS 4.1: Docker Apps for the Univention App Center

Version 4.1 of Univention Corporate Server supports Docker Apps from within the App Center. However, firstly lets have a look back on how the App Center has developed over the last years to better explain the reasons why we decided to support Docker. Afterwards, we will have a quick look at the technical details of […]

Single Sign-On for UCS 4.1

In order to be able to guarantee the seamless integration of apps in the identity management system provided by UCS even more proficiently, we have now implemented a single sign-on for UCS function in Version 4.1. of Univention Corporate Server. Single sign-on allows a user who has authenticated himself once on an identity provider to […]

UCS 4.0-4 Release with Numerous Updates including AD Compatibility

We are pleased to announce the availability of UCS 4.0-4 for download, the fourth point release of Univention Corporate Server 4.0. It includes all errata updates issued for the previous version 4.0-3. Beside various enhancements and bugfixes, it contains important improvements with regard to the Active Directory compatibility and the UCS management system.

UCS 4.1: Release Candidate available

We are pleased to announce the availability of the release candidate of UCS 4.1 as DVD-ISO for amd64. Information on download and installation can be found in the Univention Wiki in the article UCS 4.1 Development – Testing. Further information on the time schedule can be found in this article as well.

The End of Linearity, git Implementation in Professional Services

We have now been using git as the version control software for our projects in the Professional Services Team at Univention for a number of weeks and to great success. In this blog article, I want to give you a bit more information about our decision to employ git, report on our initial, recent experiences […]

UCS Video Tutorial part 2: UCS Installation and Commissioning – A Step by Step Guide

In this article we would like to guide you step by step through the installation of UCS, even though the graphic installation assistant makes the process already very easy. You can download UCS as an ISO or VMware image or start an EC2 image directly at Amazon Web Services.

Video Playlist as Introduction to UCS: Overview of topics

In the upcoming weeks we will publish a step-by-step guide to the first steps with Univention Corporate Server. In todays first film we give you an overview about the upcoming topics.

UCS 4.0-3 release with new features and numerous updates

The current release of Univention Corporate Server supplies various security updates and bug fixes and now offers Dovecot as the default mail server as well as the possibility to define LDAP filters for policies. UCS 4.0-3 now also brings the automatic creation of Univention Apps as images for various virtualization environments. The apps available in […]

Fail-safe performance and load distribution thanks to LDAP replication

Even if you only have a small number of staff, the administration of individual user accounts for numerous applications and the corresponding access rights can still prove very time consuming. When responsibilities change hands or when new members of staff join the company at the latest, the IT infrastructure becomes characterized by uncontrolled growth, which […]