Univention Core EditionFrom now on, there is also a free edition of Univention Corporate
Server (UCS) available for commercial purposes: the new UCS Core Edition.

In addition to private users, this new edition also allows administrators in companies to use UCS without having to buy maintenance subscriptions. Thus, UCS can be deployed as a platform for the operation, management and integration of enterprise applications from the App Center on premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. For this Core Edition we will also provide regular security updates and upgrade possibilities.

Alongside the introduction of the free UCS Core Edition, which can also be used for commercial use and for an unlimited number of users unlike the previous „free for personal use“ license, we have also adjusted and expanded the scope of our Enterprise subscriptions.

Free Core Edition and Four Fee-Based Subscriptions

We now offer four fee-based models for UCS:

  • Base Subscription
  • Standard Subscription
  • Premium Subscription and
  • „UCS Cloud Edition“ for cloud service providers

Our UCS Base, Standard and Premium Subscriptions now include the license for the first 10 clients within a domain.

As such, the use of commercial subscriptions become even more attractive to smaller companies. These service subscriptions guarantee our customers professional support, extended software maintenance, product liability, protection against copyright infringements, service level agreements and much more. The separate categories differ predominantly in their service support level and the support processes on offer.

All UCS editions with their different support services can be found in this overview on our website.

Univention Corporate Server can be downloaded here. Our online demo offers you a perfect environment for extensive testing of our software.

Use UCS Core Edition for Free!

Download now

Maren Abatielos joined Univention in 2012. Since then she has been engaged in content and social media marketing for UCS and Open Source in general.

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  1. Hello,
    I ‘m ICT ADVISOR working for UNITED NATIONS DEVELOMPMENT PROGRAMME ( UNDP ) in East Timor ( ÁSIA ), offering consultancy services for government ( Attorney General ).
    We have a problem with finance Budget to buy proprietary servers because this is a development country and resources is limited.
    In an effort to mitigate risks and seek new solutions , I noticed some products on the market and enjoyed the Univention server , it is easy to set up and meets the basic needs . My preference is for open source systems, free of spending on licenses. I tested the product and found it very good. In the case of subscriptions, could you help us? So we can have a support minimum and disclose our initiative to other sectors of the Timorese government. Thank you for your help.

    Paulo Amaral

    • Dear Paulo,
      Thank you for your comment. We appreciate that and are glad you like Univention Corporate Server. As to your question, it is best to contact our sales team via e-mail: sales@univention.de

      Best regards,
      Maren Abatielos


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