Point release 4.1-2 of UCS – Security Updates & development features

The point release 4.1-2 of UCS provides security updates for the latest version of Univention Corporate Server, for example, for Apache, OpenSSL, the GNU C-library and Samba as well as numerous further developments of existing features.

Office 365 and Google Apps for Work – UCS allows control of user management

Logos Google apps for work connector und microsoft office 365 connector

Microsoft and Google are quickly developing into the top dogs of the office cloud scene, and companies are increasingly finding themselves faced with an uncomfortable problem: Namely, loss of control and freedom of choice. With the interfaces to Office 365 and Google Apps for Work which we have released for UCS, we are giving customers […]

Operate UCS as a Member of a Windows Active Directory Domain

Univention Corporate Server Logo

Through the integration of the software Samba in Univention Corporate Server we provide you with Microsoft Windows Services. In this video tutorial we are going to explain you how to operate a UCS system as a member of an existing Windows Active Directory domain via the application Active Directory Connection.

Samba in UCS for the Provision of Microsoft Windows Services

Univention Corporate Server Logo

Through the integration of the software Samba in Univention Corporate Server we provide you with Microsoft Windows Services. In this video we like to explain you the basic concept behind the software Samba in UCS and present you two of the most widely used UCS extensions. These are the Microsoft Active Directory compatible domain controller and the […]

UCS 4.1 – Status and Roadmap

Screenshot UMC with App Center

I already reported on the status of UCS and the roadmap back at the Univention Summit in January. Since then, however, there have been a number of developments. After we recently reported on UCS 4.1-1, the first point release of Univention Corporate Server 4.1, it is high time that we provide an overview of what […]

UCS 4.1-1: First point release ready to download

With UCS 4.1-1, we are happy to provide the first point release of  Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.1, which is stuffed with a whole bunch of very useful improvements in usability, performance and security. It also includes as always all errata updates issued for UCS 4.1-0 as well as bugfixes and a number of enhancements.

Join a Windows Client to a UCS Domain

You cannot only join further UCS servers to an existing UCS domain but also various clients. After the join you can manage and configure these clients easily via the Univention Management Console from anywhere you are. Among those administrative tasks are, for example, the installation of software, the monitoring and controlling of services, and the network […]

An Introduction to the Univention Management Console

The Univention Management Console (UMC) is the graphical web interface of Univention Corporate Server. In the following video, I would like to explain you the most important features and functions of this tool.

Samba 4.3.1 Ships with UCS 4.1

The UCS 4.1 release includes the recent Samba version 4.3.1. In this article, I like to address the improvements and new features of this Samba update and their implementation in UCS 4.1.

Self Service to Reset Password in UCS 4.1

With Version 4.1 of Univention Corporate Server Univention is integrating a service into Univention Corporate Server which makes life easier for users and administrators alike: the Univention Self Service modules. These allow users to change their saved passwords autonomously (without administrator involvement).