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Through the integration of the software Samba in Univention Corporate Server we provide you with Microsoft Windows Services.

In this video we like to explain you the basic concept behind the software Samba in UCS and present you two of the most widely used UCS extensions. These are the Microsoft Active Directory compatible domain controller and the Windows compatible member server.

Both applications can be found in the Univention App Center.


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Services for Windows with UCS

Active Directory Services with UCSBeside the possibility to use Active Directory services in Univention Corporate Server and join UCS as a member server to an existing AD domain, UCS can synchronize objects such as users and groups between an AD domain and a UCS domain. The software can thus take on the tasks of a Windows server system.

Such tasks are, among others:

  • Domain controller functions & authentication services
  • File and print services and
  • Management of group policies

They are all provided by the embedded Samba software. An instruction for the installation of this application can be found in the UCS manual.

Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller

Screenshot Samba 4

The application Active Directory-compatible domain controller provides extensive Active Directory functions in order to join Windows clients to a UCS domain. The user data that UCS configures when you join clients to UCS, can then be used to log in at your clients. The function to control Windows clients is provided via Microsoft’s group policy editor.

Active Directory Connection

Screenshot of the Active Directory Connection

The application Active Directory Connection offers you the possibility to configure UCS as part of an existing Active Directory domain. UCS thus becomes a member server. In this case, UCS is no AD domain controller but can be used to provide services and applications within the trust context of an existing Active Directory, for example, print and file services but also third-party apps from the App Center.

The UCS extension Active Directory Connection also allows the parallel operation of a Windows AD domain and a UCS domain. In this scenario, users and groups are automatically synchronized between the two domains.

This was a short introduction to Samba under UCS. In my next video tutorial I will give you a more detailed description of the Active Directory Connection tool.

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Marcel is a trainee to become an IT specialist with the focus on system integration and works in the Professional Services Team of Univention.

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