The Univention Management Console (UMC) is the graphical web interface of Univention Corporate Server. In the following video, I would like to explain you the most important features and functions of this tool.

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Overview page

After the login you first land on an overview page. Here, all UCS features and functions are divided into different, color-coded modules. The overview page shows the favorites you can determine individually. Each favorite keeps its color-coding, so that they can always be easily associated with the module they belong to.

In addition to the favorites this page shows you the currently active system, all further systems in the domain, and the current user. A real-time search is also available. The view of the Univention Management Console adapts flexibly to the type of device you are using.

Let us now get started with the description of the single modules:

User module

In this module, you can manage all users and groups of the UCS domain, configure memory restrictions and your password. A click on users shows all users in the domain. Of course, you can also search for specific users. The detail page shows you all information and setting options for an user.

Univention Corporate Server user management

Device Module

In the device module you find all computers, printers, and releases within the domain as well as the Nagios’ monitoring configuration. Processing here is based on the same principles as in the user module.

Domain Module

Via the domain module, you can manage all aspects of the UCS domain such as DHCP, DNS, mail and network settings. When you update the system or install new applications, all pending join scripts can be run here.

UCS DNS Services

System module

In the system module you can view all important statistics and process overviews as well as conduct a system error diagnosis.

Software module

In this module you update already installed software or install new applications via the Univention App Center. The App Center is a central component of UCS and we demonstrate it in detail in this video.

Module “Installed applications”

The module “installed applications” not only shows all applications that are installed in the domain but also on which system the installation in question is running.

Watch the above video to this article and see how intuitive working with the Univention Management Console is. I also invite you to test the UMC via our online demo or download UCS to test it yourself.

I hope you will enjoy my short video!

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