With ownCloud 10.6 now available as an Univention App, Appliance users benefit from improvements in federation, security and usability

A Virtual Machine Appliance is one of the most straightforward ways to get ownCloud up and running. While ownCloud integrates just about all legacy storage, the Univention App makes it easy to integrate with a comprehensive range of productivity tools. This means the new ownCloud 10.6 Univention App for UCS is a convenient choice to modernize a storage landscape and to create a stable and scalable file cloud fit for the remote work age.

Extending ownCloud with a new Web App and Identity Providers including Single Sign-on

ownCloud 10.6 improves security and compliance by integrating with external Identity Providers through the newly released OpenID Connect extension which enables Single Sign-on. This open-standards integration supports IdP’s like Keycloak, Ping Federate, ADFS, Azure AD, Kopano Konnect and others.

Also freshly available through an extension is the new ownCloud Web frontend. Built using the Vue.js framework, it is faster than the legacy frontend. And it greatly improves accessibility.

Screenshot zshowing the browser frontend of ownCloud

The new browser frontend ownCloud Web does not only look great – it’s also fast and accessible.


Both OpenID Connect and the new ownCloud Web frontend help speed up and scale deployments – an all-important advantage in the current shift towards remote work. Whether it is a team of 50 people, a government agency with 20,000 users or a public school systems with millions of users. Both OpenID Connect and the new ownCloud Web frontend are part of the transition process towards ownCloud Infinite Scale, the upcoming cloud-native file platform built on Go and a microservice architecture. A tech preview is already available for evaluation.

New features for file locking, federation sharing and the ownCloud Enterprise trial

With the ownCloud 10.6 Univention App for UCS users now can lock files in the Web App to work on without having other user overwrite those files in the meantime. The availability of the manual file locking feature can be switched on and off in the admin settings.

For federation sharing, meaning file collaboration across multiple ownClouds and compatible cloud architectures, there is a new and improved background job that syncs changes and metadata across federated shares. Federated shares can now have an expiry date, and admins can define a default and enforce it. The file name character limit for federation is now 255, from 64. To learn about all the changes, please refer to the full ownCloud changelog.

The 10.6 Univention App also brings a new way to start a trial of the ownCloud Enterprise Edition. Users can now register to receive a demo key that allows for 30 days of evaluation simply by trying to activate any Enterprise App. After the 30-day trial, the ownCloud Enterprise Edition is available for Univention Users from 999 Euros.

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Patrick Maier

Patrick works as a product manager at ownCloud. As a human interface between customer requirements, development and communication, he is a key figure for ownCloud Infinite Scale. Patrick joined ownCloud in 2016 after finishing his Master of Science (FACT) at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.