Communication is at the core of any business. Lack thereof can create misunderstanding and friction. The fact that today’s modern workplace is no longer bound to a single physical location, has made communication between professionals more challenging though. Fortunately, technologies like email, chat and online video meetings are here to help us out.

The Univention App Center already offered apps for email and chat. And now, you can also make use of the great advantages of video communication thanks to Meet videocalling on UCS.

In the article over at the Kopano blog you will learn how to easily get started with Kopano Meet. We will inform you about the apps you need to download via the Univention App Center, how container-based apps simplify the installation and display which settings you need to configure in the UCS user interface in detail.  You also get to know how to revisit the settings as an administrator once the installation is completed, in case you need to adapt to potentially upcoming changes.

The article also includes a FAQ section that might already answer some questions.


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Felix Bartels

Felix is an avid forum user, a tv and movie junkie and a fan of having the right tool for the job. Over the last ten years he has been deeply connected to Kopano's partners and customers as sales expert, professional services engineer and product-owner. His experience and analytical skill makes him the perfect Release & QA Manager. He's deeply involved with the further development of Kopano Groupware Core, the Kopano OL Extension and the Z-Push project.

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