Univention Summit 2015: Solutions for an open and controllable cloud

260 guests at the Univention Summit 2015 in Bremen

Bremen, January 21, 2015. The 260 business customers and partners who attended the Univention Summit 2015 experienced a particularly special event which exceeded the expectations of even the organisers themselves: At the heart of the event was an impressive demonstration of the new “Open Cloud Alliance”, which promises its users an open cloud with freely combinable solution offers. No less impressive was the new UCS Version 4.0, with which the Linux server operating system can finally leave the status of “Windows alternative” behind it once and for all, having evolved into an open IT platform for on premise use and use on clouds.

Community-developed Open Source solutions in a corporate environment

Enterprise Open Source solutions
To deliver a value, every infrastructure needs applications. If you review the Open Source business solutions market, community-developed Open Source solutions are often among the very best solutions. Examples are Redmine (project and process management), WordPress (publishing and blogging), DokuWiki (wiki), Subversion & Git (version control), Discourse (forum) and many more. Also, some renown companies like SugarCRM, NetSuite, and Suse have grown out of community-developed Open Source projects.

A large community ensures ongoing enhancements and the solution usually has numerous, helpful plug-ins and themes, so that it can be used for multiple business requirements. Furthermore, the speed with which new features are released is often impressive. From a functional point of view, the result is usually just great.

23 new additions: Univention App Center attracts more and more software manufacturers

Number of apps available increases by 60 per cent in one year

The Univention App Center is becoming more and more popular. In 2014 alone, the number of apps available there increased by 60 per cent. With the 23 new additions, there are now a total of 61 enterprise apps available in the Univention App Center. Univention GmbH, developer of Univention Corporate Server (UCS), a cost-efficient alternative to server solutions from Microsoft, operates the Univention App Center as a marketplace – with an extensive selection of applications for business IT. These include the mail security app from Kaspersky, Dokuwiki and WordPress from 7iSolutions and the system administration tool Pulse from Mandriva.