New Update in the Univention App Center: privacyIDEA 2.9

The Univention App Center now provides the update privacyIDEA 2.9:

The following innovations can be found, among other things::

  • Support of the Yubico Validation Protocol, whereby Yubico clients such as the PAM module for Mac OS can be used.
  • A “Questionnaire token” allowing users to answer a list of questions.
  • All innovations and changes can be found in the privacyIDEA changelog.

The Local Experts for Fast-Growing IT Needs

When reading our success stories, one could conclude that UCS is geared towards mid to large size businesses, school districts and government agencies. While many of these use UCS, and we are proud they trust us with their day-to-day IT operations, a large group of our customers are missing on this listing. These are your mom and pop shop down the road, the 3 person law office around the corner and the small non-profit in the neighborhood.

What makes small business customers distinct from the bigger ones?

Join a Windows Client to a UCS Domain

You cannot only join further UCS servers to an existing UCS domain but also various clients. After the join you can manage and configure these clients easily via the Univention Management Console from anywhere you are. Among those administrative tasks are, for example, the installation of software, the monitoring and controlling of services, and the network configuration.

In this article and in the video below I will show you in detail how easy that is.