Groupware has become an indispensable part of our daily office routine. Connected data and teamwork is highly important for the success of a company. But every groupware user can think of a few things that could be optimized. Sure, what software is perfect? We at DIGITEC have identified a few missing features and have worked hard to close these gaps for our customers. Now we are proud to introduce the eZ plug-ins and the Business Integration Server (B.I.S.).

No more duplicate data maintenance with the B.I.S.

Imagine a small or medium-sized company that has opted for groupware Open-Xchange for writing emails, maintaining contact details, organizing meetings and tasks. This is also used by all sales employees outside the office via the web interface. Some of them also use their smartphone in conjunction with Google Calendar to manage their appointments. The company uses a customer management system, e.g. SuiteCRM. It allows the management to monitor and plan business developments. Some of the employees maintain the current customer status, offers and invoices in SuiteCRM.

Logo of Business Integration Server

Doesn’t sound unrealistic, right? But the use of several different systems means that every new or changed customer contact, every appointment and also every customer-related task has to be transferred from the groupware to the CRM system and possibly to the Google Calendar. This is the only way to ensure that all employees always use the most up-to-date and correct data.

Double data maintenance is annoying, prone to error, costs time and therefore money and is – thanks to the B.I.S. – needless. The Business Integration Server (B.I.S.) is an integration platform for server-side synchronization of data between various groupware solutions and customer / contact management systems (CRM or ERP).

Screenshot of Business Integration Server


The technology behind the B.I.S.

As a platform-independent solution based on state-of-the-art Java technology, the Business Integration Server can be easily installed. A web-based administration interface makes it comfortable to set up and configure different data sources for synchronization. The modular design and open architecture allow scalability of the system with further data source connectors. The standard package includes, but is not limited to, MS Exchange, Office365, Open-Xchange App Suite, Google, Zimbra Groupware, SugarCRM6.5.x, Sugar7, SuiteCRM, Vtiger and XING adapters. As a multi-tenant solution, the Business Integration Server is also ideal for large service provider environments. Service provider can integrate services from their own portfolio or that of their customers, creating offerings that go far beyond e-mail and personal information management.

Screenshot of Contacts in SuiteCRM

„Pimp your OX“ with our eZ products

Over 200 million users now use OpenSource Groupware Open-Xchange. As a “Certified Open-Xchange Partner”, DIGITEC has been advising clients on the introduction and migration to OX for many years.

Nevertheless, we have seen a lack of functionalities which would make everyday work easier. Together with our customers and the company Open-Xchange as a partner, we have therefore developed the idea for our eZ plug-ins and programmed the software in-house:

The goal is to reach and manage all business-relevant information, including emails and documents, with just one click. With eZ core, end users can link contacts, events, and tasks, organize and track them as virtual business objects without the need for third-party software. Tasks and appointments become important business activities rather than a simple to-do list.

Screenshot von eZ sales


Based on the core functionality of eZ core, eZ sales additionally enables an intuitive management of sales opportunities. Combined with a configurable sales funnel and other reporting tools, it brings the benefits of a customer relationship management system to the OX App Suite, helping to streamline the core business.

Screenshot of eZ sales

Even non-profit organizations can significantly increase productivity by managing and organizing virtually all business processes and workflows with the eZ project extension.

Last but not least…

What can you do if you are not satisfied with the groupware that you have bought and you would rather change it? Maybe even to OX with the additional eZ plug-ins? Again, we recommend using the B.I.S., because it makes the software migration with its data synchronization as easy as possible.

All products described above can be found in the Univention App Center and we at DIGITEC are happy to advise and support you.

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