We have published a new minor update for UCS 3. We hereby want to provide security to all UCS 3 users who have not yet been able to update to UCS 4.0.

The most important improvements at a glance:

  • The Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.16. It includes numerous security updates and new and updated device drivers for better hardware suport.
  • Samba has been updated to version 4.3.7. Besides a lot of detailed improvements Samba 4.3 offers support for SMB 3.1.1 that Microsoft introduced with Windows 10. It increases security and delivers more features.
  • Many system services have been updated, for example the DHCP server, the Xen hypervisor, the SQL servers MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Numerous system libraries have been updated, among others the GNU C library, OpenSSL, and PHP5.

Information on all further changes can be found in the release notes.

Standard maintenance for UCS 3.3 will expire in December 2016, the one for UCS 3.2 in November 2016.

Please notice that UCS 3.2 users are able to skip UCS 3.3. and update directly to UCS 4.0.

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Maren Abatielos joined Univention in 2012. Since then she has been engaged in content and social media marketing for UCS and Open Source in general.