In our 4-minute film tutorial we will show you how to add a Windows 10 computer to your UCS domain. First, we will prepare the UCS domain by installing the software package “Active Directory Domain Controller” from the Univention App Center. The Active Directory Domain Controller is an app which extends UCS with Active Directory functions. This makes it possible to operate an Active Directory compatible domain controller with UCS and thus login to a Windows client. In addition, replication mechanisms are used to synchronize data with other domain controllers.

As soon as the UCS app is installed, we switch to the Windows 10 computer and prepare it by switching the DNS server of the Windows client to the UCS domain. We show you in detail the necessary steps in the „network and internet settings“ and how you can easely test in the browser whether the settings have been adopted correctly.

In the last step we go to “Computer name, domain and workgroups settings” in the pc‘s information and change the membership of the computer from “workgroup” to “domain”. After that we confirm the changes with the account of a domain administrator and login with a user of the domain for a test. Thus, we ensure that we have successfully added the Windows 10 computer to the UCS domain.

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If you have any questions about UCS or the administration of clients, we look forward to your post in our user forum Univention Help. You are welcome to use the comment function for feedback on the film.

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