With user templates, Univention Corporate Server (UCS) offers a proven instrument to minimize the effort of IT admins. Who doesn’t know these slight doubts: Does the e-mail address of the new intern have the correct syntax? Has the new colleague been added to the right user group? The user templates help to dispel these and similar doubts and create user accounts consistently. This saves time and ensure that no important attributes and settings are forgotten.

In our short film tutorial we show you how to create, configure and use user templates. To do this, we go to the tab Domain and the module LDAP Directory and open the sub-container templates in the container univention. Under templates you will find numerous templates that you can work with. In this tutorial, we are interested in the template user template and we will show you step by step how to create a new template. Starting with assigning a template name so that you can find and use the template again, to the specification of the syntax of e-mail addresses. We will explain which functions you can use to manipulate attribute values and last but not least, we will test the new template.

Film Tutorial: How do I create user templates in UCS?

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And if you prefer a tutorial in text form, please read our article:

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