Users of agorum core will soon receive an update for the OCR engine*. In addition to a significant performance boost, text recognition will be also be a benefits for Linux users thanks to the Linux-compliant pillar.

agorum core is a highly flexible enterprise content management software (ECM) that allows individual configuration and customization with a wide range of agorum core plug-ins to fulfill your specific requirements. In addition to typical document management features like GDPR audit-proof (mail) archiving, ticket system, internal chats and project management tool are also included and operate on one single platform. Users can access, share and organize information within and beyond departments, therefore collaboration and transfer knowledge become barrier-free and effortless.

In the Univention App catalog you can download and try out agorum core right away. You can also manage users and permissions centrally thanks to the integration with UCS LDAP.

Improved OCR-Engine now also for Linux

Linux users can soon enjoy the benefits of text recognition and boost their performance with the update of the integrated OCR engine, which was previously available only for Windows. All kinds of documents can be detected and read automatically. Not only can texts be recognized, but also bar codes and individual billing positions. The Readiris-based engine in the new version also gets an update that can process documents in half of the time previously required.

Screenshot: agorum core docform

Automatically sorted inbox

The innovation in OCR upgrades all the extensions in the agorum core docform module, as it enables automatic classification and grouping of the incoming mail. After docform recognizes and reads out all the texts, individual items and barcodes, the data is then automatically processed. This allows the assessment of VAT registration and the monitoring of the positions of individual billing items.

GoBD and GDPR compliant archiving

Another highlight of the OCR update is that the storage and archiving of documents are made fully automatized and legally compliant. According to the specific legal requirements, the scanned documents are stored directly in your predefined archive structure after being processed by agorum core docform.

You can even do all the legally compliant archiving simply with a mouse click, when agorum core basic archive is deployed. Auditing documents that need to be stored according to GoBD are blocked for the desired period of time, therefore can be barred from changes. Personal data can also be labelled, so that they can be displayed or hidden when necessary.

Full-text search for all recorded documents

Finding and editing the right documents are made easier and quicker than ever with the full-text search function in agorum core information center. A full-text search means a 360 degrees search in content, unrestricted to the document titles. No matter you search for blueprints, offers, invoices or even receipts from the gas station, you can find any documents you need, as soon as you know a tiny piece of info as a trace for search.

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*The OCR engine is available only in agorum core pro.

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