agorum core - open source document management

Do you also know this: Where is the e-mail with the offer again? On which desk is the customer's file currently located? What is the current status of this document again?

Imagine you can find everything you need for your work at the touch of a button. At a glance, you can see all the information in one place: e.g. all e-mails and documents that belong to a customer.

What would it be like if annoying, identical work steps were always completed at the push of a button?

With open source document management agorum core, you can finally concentrate on your actual work.


For the productive use of agorum core pro and the respective additional modules you need a valid license. Further information is available at:

Document management at the push of a button - agorum core integrated in UCS

By integrating agorum core into the Univention App Center, agorum core is installed and ready for use with just a few clicks.

Users and groups can be synchronized directly through the connection to the Identity Management of UCS. Integration via Kerberos for authentication is also possible. Further information can be found under the following links:

functional overview

The following is an overview of the functions within agorum core. These functions are part of agorum core pro and additional modules available. Further information can be found on our website at

All information at a glance - agorum core information center

The information center is the central search for information. In seconds, you can find your documents, e-mails, e-mail attachments, customer information, meeting notes and much more at a central location.

Say byebye to e-mail chaos - agorum core notes

Attach notes to documents, emails, or other information to share with colleagues. No more e-mail chaos with 100ths of different variants of an attachment.

Still stapling paper into folders? - agorum core basic archive

With agorum core basic archive, you can automatically combine every document and every e-mail into electronic files with just a few clicks. And with the integrated deletion protection you can create an audit-proof archive in no time at all.

Are you still typing documents? - agorum core docform

Your documents are automatically captured after scanning. All information, such as invoice number, invoice date, invoice amounts or invoice items are read out fully automatically and prepared in such a way that they can be transferred directly to an accounting system. Individual invoice items are automatically compared with your orders and in the event of discrepancies, a clerk is informed for verification.

On which desk does the document "rot"? - agorum core workflow

You pass the documents on to your colleagues at the push of a button and thus initiate a defined process. The process moves electronically from screen to screen. You can track where your processes are at any time and what their status is. Definable escalation times ensure that nothing gets lost. If someone is ill or on vacation, an automatic Verter control ensures that important processes are processed further.

And much more

agorum core offers a multitude of additional functions, which are only described here in keywords. Further information can be found on our website:

  • Web-based access: usable under Windows, Mac and Linux
  • mobile access via APP
  • Access to the DMS via network drive - agorum core is therefore compatible with any application you are already using.
  • Extensively configurable and always updateable
  • interfaces
    • IMAP, SMTP, POP3
  • agorum core preview - Document preview in your browser
  • mail archiving
  • versioning
  • Full text search and metadata search
  • Integrated OCR Engine
  • agorum core dataroom - Exchange of documents with external persons and companies
  • SAP interface (Archive Link)
  • Integration with MS Office, Notes, Outlook, Thunderbird, Kopano, MS Dynamics NAV, SAGE, odoo and any other ERP system via standard interfaces
  • agorum core storage: Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM)
  • Connection to ADS/LDAP, Kerberos
  • agorum core audit: Logging of all changes

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4.3-0, 4.3-1, 4.3-2, 4.3-3, 4.4-0