The third round of the voting series “Vote for Apps” in the Univention App Catalog is over. It ran from April 13 to May 13.

Thank you guys very much for participating.

This time, the apps Metasfresh, an open source ERP system, and PaperCut MF, a system for reducing printing costs by tracking and avoiding unnecessary printouts, were in the game. Most votes were caught by Metasfresh!

The following ranking is the result of all votes from the three rounds:

  1. SOGo
  2. Metasfresh
  3. Zammad
  4. GitLab
  5. PaperCut MF
  6. Wekan
  7. Cozy
  8. Mailman 3
  9. Dropbox Connector

The voting results help us in prioritizing and communicating with the vendors. However, they do not guarantee the appearance of any app in the App Center. The goal of our surveys is to find out which apps you would like to use. We want to extend the App Center portfolio regularly by solutions of value to you.

If you want to have a look at the second round results, read this article ‘Vote for Apps’ End of 2. Round: Did Your Favorite Make It?.

Are you missing any app that you would love to have available in the App Center? PLease let us know via this link:

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