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The well-known open source client management system opsi can not only deal with Microsoft Windows clients but also with Linux. As Univention announced the discontinuation of Univention Corporate Client (UCC), I want to present you opsi as an alternative for the fully automated installation, maintenance and inventory of Linux desktop clients in your domain. In addition, opsi can also do the same for complete Linux and UCS systems.

In the following, I explain you briefly how this works.

Fully automatic installation of an Ubuntu client with opsi

The opsi product “ubuntu16-04” allows the fully automatic installation of an Ubuntu client. This includes the installation of the opsi-linux-client-agent, which is responsible for the further maintenance and configuration of the Linux system. Of course, the opsi-linux-client-agent can also be installed on already existing Linux systems later on.

Screenshot of opsi with Ubuntu 16-04

The installation of the opsi package l-ubu-ucs-domjoin can now be requested via the opsi management interface. This uses the ‘Univention Domain Join Assistant’, which has recently been introduced in the article New Domain Join Assistant Allows Foolproof Integration of Ubuntu Clients into UCS Domains.

The opsi product installs it on the Ubuntu system and then invokes the command line version ‘univention-domain-join-cli’. The necessary command line parameters can be set via the opsi management interface.

Screenshot about installation of Domain Join Assistant for UCS in opsi

After a successful join, the product announces ‘success’. The curious ones among you can see the details about the course of the process in the log window of the opsi management interface.

Screenshot of the log window in opsi's management interface

In case of doubt, I recommend to take a look at the documentation of the Univention Domain Join Assistant at:

As opsi combines the automatic installation of an Ubuntu system and its automated join into the UCS domain, opsi represents an interesting replacement for the discontinued Univention Corporate Client.

In addition, being a general client management tool, opsi can centrally take care of the entire configuration and maintenance of Linux clients, Linux server / UCS systems as well as Windows clients and servers.

The ‘l-ubu-ucs-domjoin’ package can be downloaded at: .opsi

For further information on opsi, you can also visit the Univention App Catalog.

opsi in the Univention App Catalog

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  1. Gulie

    June 2, 2018 at 20:02

    Thank you for the info. A short video may be better to explain and show how it works.

    1. Irina Feller

      June 4, 2018 at 13:36

      Hello Gulie,
      thank you for your feedback and the idea with the video. I put your suggestion on my video idea list.

      Best regards

  2. Michael Voigt

    June 5, 2018 at 23:06

    OPSI is not available for UCS 4.3?

    Best Regards,
    Michael Voigt

  3. Niko Wenselowski

    June 6, 2018 at 13:41

    Hello Michael,

    at the moment opsi is not available for UCS 4.3.

    We (uib) experienced some blockers along the way and are in close contact with Univention to resolve these issues.
    I know that many are waiting for a release of opsi on UCS 4.3 and I want to assure those that we are working on it and that we aim to make sure that our initial release is as complete and free of problems as possible.

    If you want to run opsi on UCS you will have to stick to UCS 4.2 for now.

    Kind regards


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