opsi is your tool for managing Windows and Linux clients from a Linux server.

The core features include:

  • automatic deployment of operating systems
  • deployment software and patches
  • inventarization of hard- and software

Opsi comes with multi-location support.

Possible extensions

The provided version is usable without a license. In addition, uib gmbh offers premium extensions that are paid once contributing to the so-called "cofinancing". Examples are license management, UEFI support or enhancements to increase performance for installations with several thousands of clients.

uib GmbH offers subscriptions to receive pre-packaged standard software or updates for Microsoft products. Professional services and support contracts are also available through uib GmbH.

Notice regarding Samba

If no samba is installed on the system univention-samba4 will be installed automatically. If a Samba 3 installation is preferred univention-samba3 has to be installed manually before starting the installation of opsi.

Notice regarding upgrades

If you want to upgrade an existing opsi-installation, it is important to read the installation instructions in the opsi Getting-Started first!

App Provider: uib GmbH
Contact: info@uib.de
Website: http://uib.de/en/opsi/opsi-4-ucs/
Support: Available support options
License: Free commercial use. Some functions or services are liable to costs.
Available for UCS versions: 4.1, 4.2
Vendor supported

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