Bremen July 1, 2021 – The Federal Network Agency has included the POSSIBLE project in the first tranche of grants for innovative IT projects for Gaia-X. With POSSIBLE, a consortium in which Univention is involved will make the open-source workstation for the public sector (“Phoenix”) compatible with Gaia-X. The goal of POSSIBLE: The digitally sovereign and self-determined handling of data and processes in Gaia-X.

It should be possible to adapt the individual modules of POSSIBLE for personal information manager (PIM), communication, storage, office, and identity management. Data and services can operate independently of each other through Gaia-X in a collaborative, simple, and secure manner. The basis of POSSIBLE is the Phoenix project. It was initiated and commissioned by Dataport and runs under the technical lead of Univention. It is currently developing an open-source alternative to Microsoft Office solutions for the public sector. This integration includes tools for communication through video, chat, and email. Furthermore, it includes file sharing, collaborative editing of documents, and uniform user management.

Organizations can run the Phoenix stack in one or more data centers of their choice. By connecting Gaia-X, collaboration with other organizations is possible without leaving the chosen data center or creating individual user accounts

From 130 applications, the Federal Network Agency selected 15 other projects in addition to POSSIBLE. Following the submission of their final funding applications, POSSIBLE is one of 11 consortia that will still receive funds from the 122 million euros awarded this year.

The consortium includes the August-Wilhelm Scheer Institute, Dataport, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung, imc information multimedia communication, Univention and 1&1 IONOS. Bechtle has taken over the consortium leadership.

About Univention

Univention GmbH is developing open-source software for the management of digital identities and the integration of IT applications. Openness, scalability, and the simple use of IT are just as important as digital sovereignty and control over one’s own data and processes.

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is an integration platform offering identity management, comprehensive Active Directory functions, an App Center for integrating enterprise applications, and a user portal for accessing IT services.

School authorities and federal states can use UCS@school – optimized for use in the education sector – to centrally manage user identities in compliance with data protection, enable authentication to services and provide solutions for digital learning using their school portals.

Numerous federal states, large municipalities and districts, and companies of all sizes use UCS and UCS@school.

Furthermore, Univention is significantly involved in developing Phoenix and the Sovereign Productivity Suite (SPS), web-based open-source workplaces for collaboration and communication in public administration.

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