Bremen, September 13, 2023 – Deutsche Telekom has now presented “Open Source Collaboration”, its innovative offering for digital collaboration in public administration. A modular package of inter-integrated IT solutions from well-known open source manufacturers offers components for video conferencing, communication, cloud collaboration, office programs, e-mail and calendaring, and document management. To this end, the Deutsche Telekom has chosen to partner with the Bremen-based open source company Univention, the leading provider of sovereign identity management solutions.

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) will enable the convenient and secure management of all digital users and their access rights in the new solution stack. Univention will also contribute a modern web portal that will enable users to easily access the various IT services. This offer from Deutsche Telekom represents a tremendous opportunity to accelerate the digitization of public administration, comply with European data protection regulations and strengthen Germany’s digital sovereignty.

Convenient All-in-One IT Solution Based on Open Source

Deutsche Telekom offers its “Open Source Collaboration” as an overall solution in which individual services are integrated via standardized APIs. In addition to Univention, this includes solutions such as Nextcloud, Open-Xchange, ownCloud, Jitsi and Matrix. Customers can use these solutions as a complete stack or as individual modules. Customers also have the option of operating the solution in their own data center or using it conveniently as Software-as-a-Service, for example from the Open Telekom Cloud.

With this open source offer, Deutsche Telekom is responding to current demands from politicians and public authorities. Both the EU Commission and the German federal government, as well as several German states and numerous local authorities, are planning to increase their use of open source. Their goal is to regain digital sovereignty.

After all, open source software offers transparency and thus control over users’ digital identities and data flows. This makes it possible to break the dependency on a few large tech companies. Users can also influence the development of solutions and optimize them to meet their specific needs and legal requirements. Open standards also enable interoperability between the heterogeneous IT services used in public administration. Last but not least, this strengthens the German IT industry and makes it more competitive with large tech companies from the US and China.

For more information on the offer, please visit the following German website:

About Univention

Univention, headquartered in Bremen, Germany, is the provider of the Open Source platform Univention Corporate Server (UCS) for digital identity management and application integration. Openness, scalability and usability serve to realize digital sovereignty, which ensures users have full control over their own data and identities.

UCS, as an open integration platform with an identity management system, a web portal for easy access to applications and the Univention App Center, enables the seamless integration of third-party applications and services. With its own solutions and their integration into the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) as well as into the dPhoenixSuite, Univention enables the modernization of the IT infrastructure of the public sector as well as that of companies.

The UCS@school solution, which is tailored to educational institutions, offers an optimized platform with central identity management for the simple provision of services from different providers such as learning management systems, email, cloud and office applications for schools, school boards, and states via their own school portals. UCS and UCS@school are used by numerous federal states, municipalities and districts, administrations and companies. For more information, visit:

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