Bremen, March 15, 2022—Univention, leading provider of open source identity management and application integration solutions, has closed fiscal year 2021 with high double-digit revenue growth. “Our growth especially in the Education and Government business areas with more than 1.5 million users relying on our solutions, clearly shows: our offer is attractive to all organizations who want to achieve Digital Sovereignty with modern, flexible and open source based solutions”, comments founder and CEO Peter Ganten on the track record. “I am sure that the growing need in public and private clients to improve their control and innovation capabilities in digitalization will ensure similarly high growth for our company in the coming year.”

Due to its positive business development, Univention is expanding its management. COO Stefan Gohmann is now the second managing director, and Milisav Radmanić has been appointed as the new Vice President Products and Technology. The SUSE veteran was formerly in charge of the expansion and further development of the SUSE Linux Enterprise product family, and is now responsible for the technological development of the Univention portfolio. At the same time, the former Head of Product Management Ingo Steuwer becomes the new Vice President Platform and Technology.

Ambitious Projects for Public Administration: dPhoenixSuite, POSSIBLE, and “National Education Platform”

Four federal states in Germany and around 60 school authorities use the open source platform Univention Corporate Server (UCS) and UCS@school to provide educational platforms for all students and teachers throughout the federal states. In addition, Univention is significantly involved in various groundbreaking projects implementing digital sovereignty for an open IT platform for public administration. This includes, among other things, the sovereign authority workstation dPhoenixSuite from Dataport. Univention is a key partner in implementing this platform. The POSSIBLE project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz, BMWK). Its goal: making the dPhoenixSuite compatible with Gaia-X.

Other examples include a project, which is developing a prototype for the National Education Platform planned by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and the Gaia-X Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) project, which is providing the technical basis for a confederated sovereign European cloud infrastructure.

Extending the Management: COO Stefan Gohmann is now second Managing Director

Effective January 1, Univention COO Stefan Gohmann has become the second managing director alongside Peter Ganten. Gohmann states as his most important goal “to further expand Univention’s growth course and thereby ensuring greater digital sovereignty within Germany and in Europe. This requires that we continuously develop our products, lead complex projects to success, and at the same time offer first-class service to our customers.” The computer science graduate created Univention’s development and support services when he joined the company in 2003. He has been responsible for the technical business units at Univention as COO since 2019. This includes support and internal IT, as well as development and professional services.

Looking back on 20 Years of Success

This year Univention celebrates its 20th anniversary. The foundation of the company was laid in 2002 with a contract from the German Federal Cartel Office for the migration of the office’s server infrastructure from Windows to Linux. Also in 2002, close cooperation with the school authorities of the state of Bremen began, from which the identity and portal solution UCS@school, optimized for the education sector, was developed.

About Univention

Based in Bremen, Germany, Univention is the provider of the open source platform Univention Corporate Server (UCS) for the management of digital identities and the integration of applications. Openness, scalability and ease of use help to realize digital sovereignty, ensuring that users have full control over their own data and identities. UCS, as an open integration platform with an identity management system, a web portal for easy access to applications, and the Univention App Center, enables the seamless integration of third-party applications and services. With its own solutions and their integration into the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) as well as into the dPhoenixSuite, Univention enables modernization of the IT infrastructure in the public sector as well as that of companies.

The UCS@school solution, which is tailored to educational institutions, offers an optimized platform with central identity management for easy provision of services from different providers such as learning management systems, email, cloud and office applications for schools, school boards and states via their own school portals. UCS and UCS@school are used by numerous federal states, municipalities and districts, administrations and companies.
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Stefan Gohmann

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