Apple has removed many functions from the current macOS Server version 5.7.1. Calendar Server, DNS, DHCP, VPN Server and other functions are no longer included in the new version. Apple provides alternatives, but these are often not comprehensive enough to allow small to medium-sized businesses to work comfortably with them. What is missing is a uniform interface that can be used, as before, to execute the entire configuration.

MAC&EGG have found the solution for this problem. They present UCS in their report “Apple macOS Server Alternative: Univention Corporate Server”. With UCS not only all services that Apple has deleted can be made available again. In fact, additional software packages such as Mattermost and Nextcloud can be installed in UCS with just one click. Another advantage that UCS offers companies: All users created in the LDAP administration can be transferred directly to the new software package – in macOS Server it was necessary to create each user individually for each software package.

You can read the full article by MAC&EGG with further information about UCS here.

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