In this article, THE H OPEN writes a summary with a good overview of all exhibitors and presented products at the Open Source park of the CeBIT 2013.


[…] CeBIT 2013 marks the fifth year that open source software and companies have had a major presence at the show, complete with a prominent stage area – the Open Source Forum – for talks and presentations from various speakers. […]

[…] While slightly smaller than its section last year, one of the bigger Open Source Park stands was that of German firm Univention, best known for its Univention Corporate Server (UCS) server operating system based on Debian.While at CeBIT, Univention announced that users can now quickly and easily install Zarafa’s open source groupware software, the Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP), through the new UCS App Center. […]

The full article was published on 11th March 2013 on and can be read here:


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