The Univention ID Broker portfolio is constantly growing. We are pleased to introduce another great online platform that enables efficient digital learning in schools and an easy integration by USC@school users.

sofatutor GmbH

sofatutor is one of the biggest online learning platforms in Germany. It offers more than 10,000 learning videos, over 43,000 interactive exercises, 38,000 worksheets, and many more features to support learners and teachers in their daily work.

3 2 1 – Go: Open for Use

If you already use the Univention ID Broker as an intermediary service, you can easily enable your students and teachers to use sofatutor and other linked services without further configuration. That speeds up the implementation of new services and relieves administrators from maintaining individual interfaces. In no time, all students and teachers in a school can log in to sofatutor with their UCS@school credentials. There, they will find their familiar environment, or they can start working with the service and materials approved for their profile.

Usage Models of sofatutor

By linking to the ID Broker, we make it even easier for schools, school boards, and federal states to manage their access and for teachers and students to log in to sofatutor without having to remember additional login details. – Rebecca Rabe from sofatutor.

sofatutor offers the following two usage models to schools of a school board:

  • School license: All teachers get full access to all teaching and learning materials and may share learning content with students in a targeted and bi-differentiated manner. They benefit from learning videos, interactive exercises, worksheets, or the interactive workbook. Teachers can check the status of the released content at any time and monitor the results and progress achieved by their students. When students log in with their UCS@school login data, they can see all the tasks their teachers have released and work on them directly.
  • Full access for students: In addition to the features of the school license, full access can also be activated for all students of an institution, giving them access to all content on the platform at any time and allowing them to benefit from a vocabulary trainer in three languages and many other features such as homework help.

The following video illustrates the design of the learning content and how you can use it (German language):

You are currently viewing a placeholder content from Youtube. To access the actual content, click the button below. Please note that doing so will share data with third-party providers.

More Information

Are you interested in learning more about sofatutor? Then contact the sofatutor team directly via We are happy to offer this service to all UCS@school users. For more information, please visit the official sofatutor website.

And if you want to learn more about the ID Broker and its possibilities for school boards but also for service providers, you will find everything you need to know in our blog article about the ID Broker release.

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