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XWiki is a full-featured Open Source knowledge management platform used by thousands of organizations of all sizes to collaborate and exchange information. We are excited to announce that XWiki has joined the Univention App Center. In this article,we explore XWiki’s main features, then take a look at how you can go beyond basic capabilities to create a personalized experience and where to find help, should you need it.

Key Features

XWiki comes with a powerful feature set as is, including:

  • In-place WYSIWYG editing, history, and rollback
  • User and rights management with an advanced permission system
  • Comments and annotations, user mentions and likes
  • Advanced search
  • Personalization capabilities
  • App Within Minutes, the app builder that you can use to create simple apps
  • Office documents import or preview, PDF documents viewing and exporting
  • Ability to do imports from other tools


Projects built with XWiki range from small, ten-user deployments to large enterprise installations with thousands of users, as is the case of Amazon or Lenovo. You decide how far you want to extend its capabilities. After installation, XWiki Standard can be used as-is. You can also go further, creating macros and applications for your custom needs. The App Within Minutes app builder is great for creating simple apps. For more advanced needs, you can use structured data and in-page scripting.

Hundreds of prebuilt extensions are also available for installation through the Extension Manager, making XWiki the most flexible and scalable enterprise wiki-based tool.

After installing XWiki Standard in UCS, you can also start a free trial of XWiki Pro from the wiki Extension ManagerXWiki Pro is our paid offering that includes advanced business applications that extend XWiki Standards’ functionality. It also comes with professional technical support for your wiki and Pro applications.

Additional Support and Services

In addition to the above-mentioned professional support, the XWiki Open Source forum is where you can find community support.

If you need assistance with adapting XWiki to your custom needs, our professional team is here to help. You can visit the website to learn more about our custom solutions and how we have helped other organizations to manage knowledge, procedures, documentation, and implement other use cases.

Why Open Source and Partnering with Univention

At XWiki, we strongly believe in the Open Source movement and its values. We develop and use Open Source software, including Univention’s UCS, that has become a key component in our IT infrastructure. We are equally thrilled that Univention are using XWiki as a knowledge base.

We also believe in European digital sovereignty. Transparency and flexibility stand at the core of both the product and the XWiki company. We appreciate that these values are also shared by Univention and look forward with excitement to this collaboration between French and German Open Source.

If you have any questions about XWiki, please feel free to contact our team.

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Silvia Macovei

Silvia leads cloud and paid apps at XWiki, where she’s been working since 2009. She is passionate about open collaboration and remote work. In her spare time she loves reading.

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  1. Hi Silvia, Thanks for the info. we tried installing it for testing. But XWiki in UCS doesn’t automatically connect with LDAP or OpenID. Could you please share the document on how to make it work with UCS users/Administrators. Thanks.


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