Neues Schulungskonzept 2021

The Univention Corporate Server (UCS) technical training has long been an established and essential part of our service portfolio. It ensures the successful use of our products UCS and UCS@school in organizational IT. In a two-day seminar, our customers received a detailed introduction to UCS. They learned about its administration and configuration and were able to consolidate their knowledge with the help of practical exercises. Further, they could ask questions about their individual use.

But in the end, we always ran out of time to fully illustrate the complexity of all operational scenarios. Furthermore, we wanted to consolidate the theoretical knowledge of the participants with further practical exercises. And we wanted to address the requirements, especially for UCS@school, with an additional training course to reach a broader audience. Therefore, we decided to fundamentally revise our technical training and create a new concept for our customers.

The UCS technical training will be modular

Not only the name should change, but also the structure. The new UCS technical training is now divided into 3 different modules, each covering a core topic and building on each other accordingly. If you are the operator of a UCS@school environment, we offer you an additional 4th module where you will learn all the specifics of educational UCS environments. You either book each training individually or as a complete package. I have put these together for you in an overview.

UCS Technical Training UCS@school Training
UCS Fundamentals UCS Fundamentals
UCS Installation and Administration Essentials UCS Installation and Administration Essentials
UCS Advanced Administration and Operation UCS Advanced Administration and Operation
. Conception and Installation UCS@school


In the following, I would like to explain the individual training units and their content in more detail. That will give you an impression of the new training concept.

Module 1: „UCS Fundamentals“

The training module “UCS Fundamentals” forms the theoretical basis for the following modules. The course is designed as a self-study course of approximately 4 hours and covers all topics related to the conceptual design of UCS environments. The training content focuses on the basic technical terms, explaining, among other things, synchronization concepts, services for Windows, such as Samba, Samba replication, and Active Directory connection, and introduces the basics of single sign-on with Kerberos and SAML.

Module 2: „UCS Installation and Administration Essentials“

In the training module “UCS Installation and Administration Essentials”, I give you a comprehensive introduction to the Univention Management Console (UMC) and web-based working with UCS. Together we will install a UCS domain, including additional servers. You will also get to know the general functions, such as installing software, administrating roles and groups, their release configuration, and the joining of Windows clients to the UCS domain. To consolidate the content, each participant receives their test environment for practical exercises that we go through together.

Module 3: „UCS Advanced Administration and Operation“

“UCS Advanced Administration and Operation” takes up the longest part of the technical training with two working days and is aimed at administrators and technical staff who want to acquire an in-depth technical understanding. The goal is that they can administer and operate UCS effectively. Core topics include using command tools, an advanced configuration of services such as DHCP, DNS, Samba, or Postfix, configuring SAML and SSO, and configuring the portal for end-users with the Univention Management Console.

Module 4: „Conception and Installation UCS@school“

The new module “Conception and Installation UCS@school” is aimed at administrators and operators in the educative field. It covers central topics such as installing central systems and school servers, user imports from school administration software or state directory services, and the integration of Wi-Fi and proxies. In this one-day training, you can also discuss questions about your existing system environment and carry out exercises individually.

How to register

Are you interested in our new training? Then I would be happy if you would sign up for one of our next courses. Please use the online form, and you will receive a confirmation of your registration, including your access to all training materials and a schedule from our technical department.

And these are our next events:

Of course, you can also book individual modules. You can find the current dates in our overview. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or send an email to

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