Every systemadministrator has this problem: When did I set up this one function or when did I change the password? To answer these questions we have developed a diary for sysadmins: UCS Admin Diary. The application provides a quick overview of all administrative events in a UCS domain. This includes software and app installations and updates, creating, changing and deleting users and other directory service objects, and password changes.

In our short film tutorial we show you how to install the UCS Admin Diary. We explain that the application consists of two apps – the Admin Diary Backend for the data storage of the app based on an SQL database and the Admin Diary Frontend for the web interface in the UMC. After we have guided you through the installation and the necessary settings, we will show you the interface of the app and how to find the individual entries and how to insert notes via the comment function – so your Admin Diary becomes a handy notepad with all important information about events in
your UCS domain.

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More Information

If you have any questions about UCS or the Admin Diary, we look forward to your post in our user form Univention Help. For feedback on the film you can use the commentary function of the blog.

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