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While we were planning the upcoming UCS development stage, we decided to start working on the next major version: UCS 5.0 is planned for next year. In this article I would like to let you take a look behind the scenes and share some of our plans with you.

It’s been almost 5 years since we released UCS 4.0. During this time, UCS has evolved a lot. At the same time, we’ve continued to maintain the old version’s features. While most of them are popular with our users, others are not. There are also some things we would do differently if we had to do them again. By jumping to the next major version, we would like to get rid of some relics and implement several new features at the same time. We’re still at the very beginning, so not all decisions are final yet – but true to the motto “be open” I would like to share some of our ideas and plans in this blog post.

Changing to Debian 10 “Buster”

The new release will see an update of the base, and we will upgrade to Debian 10 (codename “Buster”), released in September 2019. In addition to all the upgraded packages, we will continue to reduce the differences between Debian and UCS in the main distribution. For example, Debian now has working UEFI Secure Boot (partly thanks to our support), so UCS no longer needs to make any adjustments.

Migration to Python 3

Most of our software at Univention is being developed in the Python scripting language. UCS 4.x uses the Python 2 runtime environment, although Python 3 has been around for quite some time. Python 3 is going to be the standard for implementations in UCS 5.0, so that we and our partners can benefit from the possibilities of the new version. You can see the first steps of this transition in UCS 4.4 as some of the packages have already been converted. Integrations or projects that make use of Python-based UCS interfaces such as UDM hooks or listener modules should run some checks until the release of UCS 5.0 to ensure Python 3 compatibility.

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64-bit only

For some years now, we haven’t been offering 32-bit installation images for UCS (“i386 packages”), although we still offer updates for UCS 4.x. Introducing UCS 5.0, this support is coming to an end. To migrate 32-bit systems in your UCS Domain you should replace them one by one with new 64bit systems. Administrators should have completed the transition before upgrading to UCS 5.0. For all 64-bit environments, we will continue to support the upgrade of existing installations.

Bye-bye, unused Features!

Some of the UCS features are hardly used or not used at all. So we decided to take a closer look and only keep those features we definitely want to support in UCS 5.0. We’ve already made up our mind about those two features – they need to go:

  • Access to EC2 instances via UVMM: UCS 4.x includes an extension for the UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) to manage instances in Amazon AWS-compliant IaaS environments. We will remove this integration.
  • Support for NT-compatible Domains: UCS 4.x contains integrations, packages, and scripts for Windows NT domains in combination with Samba. We will not adopt these for UCS 5.

What is really used?

We will certainly remove more things from our distribution, because we believe we shouldn’t be spending our time maintaining unused features. So, can we please have your opinion and some answers to the following question:

Does a server system like UCS really need the KDE desktop environment?

Our product managers and developers appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

New Features

The new major release will not just see fundamental changes, but also contain innovative new features for the management system. Parts of these are going to be published for UCS 4.4 as well, stay tuned for upgraded apps and errata updates. We will report back in future blog posts.

Outlook and Roadmap

We’ve only just started working on UCS 5.0, so we can’t really announce a release date yet. One thing is for sure: it won’t happen before the next Univention Summit (January 23 and 24 2020, Bremen). Until then, we’re going to publish lots of exciting new features for UCS 4.4 and, of course, more announcements for UCS 5.0.

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Using Linux since 1999, Ingo Steuwer started working at Univention in 2004. As Head of Product Management he focusses on on the further development of UCS.

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