It‘s been only four weeks that we published UCS 4.3-2, and we already have some more news for you from our development team.

UCS 4.2-5

Two weeks ago we published UCS 4.2-5. Essentially this release bundles the nearly 100 errata updates, mainly security updates and stabilizations that were released for UCS 4.2-4. The upcoming errata updates for UCS 4.2-5 will only be available for customers with an enterprise subscription. If you are a Core Edition user, we therefore recommend you to update to UCS 4.3 so that you continue to receive security updates in the future.

UCS Dashboard

We are still looking forward to receiving your feedback on the UCS Dashboard. A few things have already been improved thanks to the feedback we received from UCS users. If you have further feedback, please feel welcome to share it with us.

Debian UEFI Secure Boot

In spring of this year there was a Debian Secure Boot Sprint. Debian‘s goal is to support UEFI Secure Boot in the future. So far we have always done the UEFI Secure Boot signing independently in UCS. The package grub-efi-amd64-signed has now reached Debian Testing with a test key. This will hopefully lead to a direct UEFI Secure Boot support by Debian in the future.

Documentation for App Providers

In addition, we have created a new documentation for app providers describing how to create an App for the Univention App Center. If you are planning to create an App for UCS or improve your existing app, this is the right tool to get started.

Univention Developer Days Improve Automated Tests

At the beginning of September this year we organized the “Univention Developer Days” in Bremen for the first time. Our goal for the two days in which the entire development crew participated was to take test automation to the next level.

For years we have been using nightly automated tests to check whether our changes work as desired or whether they include errors. However, the tests and the test environments have become increasingly complex and comprehensive. Due to the introduction of Git some time ago, we now use a lot of branches for the development. During the Developer Days we managed to change our test environments in such a way that we now build any branch and test it in specific test environments at the touch of a button. This allowed us to receive feedback on the automated tests in a faster and more goal-oriented way.

Current Activities

Right now we are working on an OpenID Connect provider and on a multi-container support for the App Center so that an App can consist of several Docker containers. More about this in the following weeks.

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Stefan Gohmann

Stefan studied Computer Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Ostfriesland in Emden. He has built up the development and the support department at Univention from 2004 onwards. Acting as COO since 2019, he is responsible for development, professional services, support and IT at Univention. Before Stefan joined Univention, he worked as a software developer at Utimaco Safeware AG.

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