Using a fake identity to trick Facebook, getting paid for jogging and how to book one and the same hotel room cheaper via VPN – in their keynote speech „Data Ethics & Digital Selfdefense“ at this year‘s Univention Summit, author Pernille Tranberg and journalist Steffan Heuer showed how big our digital footprint actually is and what information we (un-)consciously publish about ourselves on the internet.

They did not only talk about well-known facts and scenarios such as the notorious photo which could cost you a job offer, but also about situations where we usually don‘t bother during our regular internet use.

For example, imagine the following scenario:

You want to buy yourself a new pair of trousers. As you enter the store, a shop assistant approaches you, greets you and takes it for granted to ask you for your telephone number and where you have been on Friday evening at 8:00pm. Without this information apparently a purchase is only possible for a limited extend or even not at all.

How would you act in this situation? Would you voluntarily give her this information or rather leave the store immediately?

In the internet this question often does not arise and we thoughtlessly provide our data with one click. What we trigger off by this and how rapidly our information spreads and accumulates in the web was the keynote speech‘s main component.

However, Tranberg and Heuer don‘t want to raise panic with their educational work. They rather want to demonstrate the various aspects of data protection in an objective and comprehensible way. To do so they use a large number of specific examples from our everyday life as well as results from surveys and statistics, portrayed super exciting!

Take a look at this keynote speech and get to know specific, practical and extremely helpful tips from which you will certainly benefit. For example, how to set up your browser with optimal privacy settings or which websites are the best choice as start page to minimize your trace on the internet.

We wish you a lot of fun!

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