The Univention App Center is an integrated part of UCS, our Open Source server and IT management software. With the integrated App Center UCS provides a central platform for the provision and integration of numerous enterprise applications.

Find more infomation on the App Center and all available appliances at App Catalog.

In the following video we introduce you to the Univention App Catalog and the pre-configured UCS appliances in particular. These appliances allow you to easily test many of the over 90 applications from the App Center.

Search the App Catalog

To limit the search to a certain type of apps, use one of the pre-set category search filters. If you are looking for a specific app, for example ownCloud, just type the app’s name into the search field.
For detailed information on the app and its vendor, click on the app icon to receive a closer description of the application and the software manufacturer.

Advantage of the App Catalog

The Univention App Catalog has a significant advantage over the App Center. On the right of the app page you are able to download a virtual image of the app. With such an image you can test a pre-configured UCS which already includes that specific app. Taking the ownCloud app, the video shows you how to import such an appliance into your virtualization software and get it started. In this video we use VirtualBox as virtualization software.

Download and installation of the UCS appliance

First of all you need to download the Univention appliance and open it in VirtualBox in order to import it into your hypervisor. After the import process you boot the virtual machine by clicking on “start” and go through the UCS set up wizard until you reach “domain configuration”. Select here the item „fast demo configuration“ to start a pre-configured UCS installation that includes the app, which is ownCloud in our example.

Activation of the ownCloud appliance

As the next step you enter your email address and an individual password. This activates the free use of the ownCloud appliance. Start now the app setup with a click on „configure system“. While this setup is running, you are going to receive a license file to your given email address.

After the successful configuration you are asked to upload the license file. Visit afterwards the Univention Management Console with a browser of your choice and using the IP address of your virtual machine.

Within the UMC you first set up a new user. To do that you open the user module and click on „add“. You need to fill in all required user data in the new window. Next you open the user account of the user you have just created and make sure that the check box „ownCloud“ below the tab „extended settings“ is activated. This is necessary to provide ownCloud access to the user in question.

As a last step you start ownCloud by logging in with the user credentials of the ownCloud user. From now on all is set up and ready for you to test the full version of the app.

We hope you have a great time exploring our Univention App Catalog and its appliances!

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Maren Abatielos joined Univention in 2012. Since then she has been engaged in content and social media marketing for UCS and Open Source in general.

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