Univention App-CenterThe latest update for the Zarafa app in the Univention App Center – to version 7.1.12 – is significant not just for Zarafa itself but also for UCS integration: the update brings you up to version 2 of the Zarafa Web app and allows the app to be installed on a UCS member server. One significant improvement is a dedicated module in the UCS management system for managing Zarafa contacts and Zarafa shared stores.

Previously, these objects counted for the UCS licence – a customer with 50 Zarafa and UCS users and 500 contacts had effectively to activate 550 users for the UCS management system and license 50 users. This also affected the Zarafa shared stores, which are used for resources such as rooms and equipment, e.g. flipcharts, projectors, etc. The new integration changes the system behaviour so that those 500 contacts are no longer counted for the UCS licence.

The update to the latest version migrates existing Zarafa contacts and shared stores. This may take some time depending on the mail data volume and on the server, as can be seen from the change log.

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Nico Gulden

Nico Gulden studied applied computer science and works for Univention since 2010. As technical editor he is responsible for maintenance and expansion of the product documentation. His spare time is dedicated to his family, reading, outdoor activities like cycling, photography, Geocaching and voluntary work with children and young people.

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