Analyse, IKARUS Security Software GmbH
Source: Analyse, IKARUS Security Software GmbH

The threat level is increasing! In 2014 alone, approximately 131,000 new types of malware were discovered daily – an increase of 250% when compared to the year before. This trend is continuing unabated: 9 million samples have already been discovered in the first quarter of 2015. It is not just the quantities that are rising at a staggering rate. The methods and types of malware are becoming increasingly sophisticated and harder to detect.

For example, the current trend is moving away from malware that is distributed in the form of email attachments (e.g. trojans) towards the distribution of links to websites that are infected with malware. This makes it more difficult to detect the source, since it is no longer directly connected to the user’s email. The malware is downloaded when a link is clicked. A hacker may infiltrate a trustworthy site with the goal of planting malware on it. To the user, it is difficult to recognize a link to a trusted site as a threat. Further, the developer of the malware can put another version online at any time as soon as the previous version is detected by antivirus software.

There are many methods available to distribute malware and/or make specific attacks against networks. These cyber-attacks result in annual damages of over $200 million in Germany (source: CSIS) alone. Moreover, it is not only large companies that are affected: analyses show that increasingly, small and midsize companies are becoming victims of cybercrime. This can be traced back to insufficient security measures.

Regardless of size, we recommend that companies secure their email traffic along with HTTP and FTP connections. The goal is to discover viruses and malware before they even have a chance to reach your network. This will protect both you and your users.

IKARUS will protect you from SPAM and malware emails.

We, IKARUS, are now offering IKARUS, optimized for Univention Corporate Server, in the Univention App Center. This solution will protect you from SPAM and malware emails as well as internet threats. In addition you can also secure your WLAN environment if needed.

We at IKARUS, an Austrian IT security company, have been providing innovative and easy-to-use solutions to our clients around the world for almost 30 years. We are proudly working with global companies such as Telekom Austria or Siemens to steadily improve our quality and security know-how. The knowledge thus gained, we can pass on to our partners and customers independently of their size

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