Kevin Dominik Korte, President of Univention North America, has written an article for SatMagazine. In said article, he talks about the general importance for satellite companies to keep their data safe and secure at all cost – and the challenges that come along with that necessity.  He then describes how Univention was able to help the canadian monitoring and analytics company GHGSat, which currently has three satellites in earth’s orbit and plans to triple their fleet within 2021, to set up a system that centrally manages and secures the digital identities and permissions for all their users.

The bottom line, according to GHGSat system administrator Damien Clabaut, is an overall improved security picture, “We were able to cut our overhead while ensuring compliance and security of the environment.”

The full article can be found in the online edition of SatMagazine (March 2021 issue).

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