The Open Source Tech platform OSTechNix published an introductory article to a series about Univention Corporate Server. This article provides a good understanding of what Univention Corporate Server is, its features, price and potential user group.

  • A central identity management system for users, their roles and rights.
  • An app store-like environment, which Univention calls ‘App Center’, for easy testing, provisioning, rollout and life-cycle management of applications.
  • And third, of course, IT infrastructure and device management

Univention brings all those topics together into a single, easy-to-use Open Source product called Univention Corporate Server (UCS).

People often call it an Open Source alternative to Microsoft Windows Server, because it provides Active Directory services like Microsoft’s product and can be used for similar purposes. UCS can be part of an Active Directory domain or it can take over existing ones and migrate the data.

Other people like to think of UCS as a kind of Android for servers, because it provides a way to manage apps on your servers and integrate them, for example, by providing a central identity management system. The apps can be operated both on premises or in the cloud. This gives you flexibility in your work.

The complete article was published on October 25, 2017 is available on OSTechNix website.

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